Hyundai participates in Live Drive Xpo-LDX to showcase Tucson NX4, Elantra CN7, and Creta

Cairo, Egypt – 23rd of September, 2021: Under the umbrella of GB Ghabbour Auto, a leader in the automotive sector in the Egyptian market, the Korean brand Hyundai was able to participate in the activities of the first edition of the Live Drive Xpo-LDX, which was held in Egypt from the 23rd to the 26th of September.

During this event, Hyundai proudly displayed its various models that are known for their high quality and suitability, and are designed to cater to different customer segments. These models include Tucson NX4, Elantra CN7, and Creta SU2, which were launched at competitive prices, so as to attend to all the consumer’s needs and preferences, hence proffer a unique driving experience with the latest technology and safety.

In this context, Kawthar Aboul Fotouh, Hyundai Brand Manager at GB Ghabbour Auto, stated: “Hyundai’s participation in the first edition of the Live Drive Xpo-LDX came as part of its belief in the importance of such exhibitions, in addition to their effective role in enriching the Egyptian market and enhancing competition, especially after the pandemic, which prevented the consumers to experience Hyundai’s latest models.”

She carried on by saying: “Today, we see a diverse selection of Egyptian and international companies in the automotive market all brought in one place. This allows the Egyptian consumer the opportunity to learn about the recent developments in the sector, the state-of-the-art technologies, the latest models, and the best offers of each brand, with the aim of enhancing the performance of the sector and the Egyptian economy as a whole.”

Adding to the aforementioned, Aboul Fotough explained that Hyundai has a deep-rooted experience in the Egyptian automotive market, and is currently pursuing an ambitious strategy to support the Egyptian economy, as well as enrich the automotive sector with all that is new and unique. She added that Hyundai’s models have always been well received by customers, which is positively reflected in its annual profits; whether locally or globally.

Additionally, she pointed out that Hyundai has partaken in the exhibition with three different models, each of which has high technology that provides its consumers with a unique driving experience, characterized by the latest safety and security, along with high-level luxury specifications.

Speaking of the previously mentioned models that Hyundai has displayed at the exhibition, the Hyundai NX4 Tucson was the first one. In fact, this specific model belongs to the SUV cars and comes in five categories namely; Smart, Smart Plus, Modern, Advanced, and Premium. It is equipped with a four-cylinder engine, a capacity of 1600 cc turbo generating 180 horsepower and a maximum torque of 265 NM/RPM, and connected to a 7-speed DCT.

Also, Hyundai has been able to successfully equip Tuscon NX4 with 6 airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Hill Assist Control (HAC), Downhill Brake Control (DBC), auto hold function, and a set of equipment and luxuries such as a stabilizer, a speed limiter, a remote engine starter, a rear parking sensor, a front and rear view camera, and a 10.25” infotainment screen.

Meanwhile, Hyundai’s Elantra CN7 belongs to the sedan cars and comes in seven categories; Smart, Smart Safety, Smart Fun, Smart Plus, Modern, Advanced, and Premium. It is equipped with a four-cylinder engine, 1600 cc turbo generating 126 / 6,300 horsepower and a maximum torque of 155 / 4,850 NM/RPM, and connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission.
Not only that, Elantra comprises a wide range of entertainment and convenience features such as; 16” (205/55) and 17” (225/45) sport rims, a multifunction steering wheel, an 8” or 10.25” touch screen, the ability to choose the type of driving, and LED headlights. It is also equipped with an 8-speaker BOSE entertainment system.
As for the Hyundai Creta SUV, it comes in four categories; Smart, Smart Plus, Modern, and Advanced. It is also equipped with a four-cylinder engine, a capacity of 1500 cc, generating 113 / 6,300 horsepower and a maximum torque of 144 / 4,500 NM/RPM. The car comes with a set of specifications and safety means including; Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Hill Assist Control (HAC), dual front airbags, front fog lights, tire pressure monitoring system, auto hold function, and cruise control. It also has a various number of equipment most notably a panoramic sunroof, an FM/AM standard entertainment system with a 3.8” screen, as well as a touch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
It is noteworthy that the Live Drive Xpo-LDX brings together many automotive manufacturers, distributors, banks, and insurance companies in one place. Moreover, this exhibition allows customers to try the distinctive car models, compare them to each other, then make the right decision prompted by the availability of many offers, banking facilities, and insurance services.

Hyundai sponsors the 2021 CIB Egypt International Squash Open

Under the auspices of the Ministries of Youth and Sports, and Tourism and Antiquities:
Hyundai sponsors the 2021 CIB Egypt International Squash Open

Cairo, Egypt – September 12, 2021: Represented by Hyundai, GB Ghabbour Auto, the leading manufacturer and producer of cars, took it upon itself to sponsor the third edition of the 2021 CIB Egypt International Open Squash Championship for men and women. This mega tournament was bound to take place between New Giza and the Giza pyramid complex, from the 10th to the 17th of September.

Generally, the CIB Egypt International Squash Open is deemed to be one of the eight largest Platinum Championships worldwide. Thus, in order to create such a huge event that would be commensurate with the magnitude of this championship, I-Events, a pioneering events agency in Egypt and the MENA region, was asked to pitch in the organization process.

In fact, GB Ghabbour Auto’s sponsorship to this championship came under the auspices of the Ministries of Youth and Sports, and Tourism and Antiquities, and simultaneously complied with Hyundai’s overall strategy pertinent to supporting the Egyptian youth via advancing the sports sector.

In addition, this prestigious step was taken due to GB Ghabbour Auto’s outright belief that investing in the upcoming generations’ health and wellbeing would certainly prompt them to attain local and global accomplishments – currently and in the long term.

Additionally, the company is also aware of the vital and significant role that squash plays as a robust and distinct sport, which Egypt has been mastering for several years now. In other words, there are a myriad of young squash players who have recently emerged, as well as have led by example with their exceptional and world-class performance.

Stemming from this fact, this year Hyundai was keen to support the Egyptian players, competing in the championship, with the aim of honoring Egypt’s name internationally. The list of those players encompassed renowned names, including Mohamed El Shorbagy, Ali Farrag, Nour El Sherbiny, Nouran Gohar, Tarek Moamen, and Marwan El Shorbagy.

On a broader note, the tournament embraced 96 of the world’s best squash players, from 26 countries around the world. It is also noteworthy that during the tournament, Hyundai was able to grant its Tusan, Elantra, and Creta cars to the top ten Egyptian players, so that they could ride them freely throughout the entire period of the tournament.

Hyundai also dedicated a specific place amid the area, in which the championship occured, to display the 2022 Tucson, in the hope of getting the crowds introduced to the company’s recent releases. All of that was done by both GB Ghabbour Auto and Hyundai for the sake of winning their customers’ trust, admiration, respect, and loyalty over.

In this context, Kawthar Aboul Fotouh, Hyundai Brand Manager at GB Ghabbour Auto, stated: “Hyundai, through its authorized dealer, GB Ghabbour Auto, is generally keen to support various Egyptian sectors, as well as works to uphold Egypt’s 2030 Vision. Therefore, this year we focused on fostering one of the most important sports that bring about tremendous success; locally and internationally. Needless to say, the Egyptian squash scene comprises a multiplicity of professional and ahead-of-the-curve players that all the fans of this game take pride in.”

She added: “As aforementioned, this year Hyundai is sponsoring the 2021 CIB Egypt International Squash Open. Indeed, the great success achieved by the tournament during the previous years, encouraged Hyundai to be an important and influential partner in this success. During this event, Hyundai will showcase a group of its cars that are characterized by their high performance and ultimate luxury.”

Last but not least, the 2021 CIB Egypt International Open comes as an affirmation of the achievements made by Egypt in the international squash scene, given that the Egyptian players were able to acquire the highest international squash rankings. In addition, it accentuates the role that these tournaments play in revitalizing tourism, hence promoting Egypt as a country that owns whatever it takes to enable it to organize and hold significant international events and championships.

Hyundai joins hands with “ValU” and “Mall of Arabia” to launch their latest competition

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity: Hyundai joins hands with “ValU” and “Mall of Arabia” to launch their latest competition

Cairo, Egypt – December 6, 2021: Hyundai, one of GB Ghabbour Auto Group’s prominent car brands, announced its recent partnership with ValU, an application through which you can pay online and in more than 3500 places, along with Mall of Arabia (MOA), to launch a competition that enables all participants to win a Hyundai Elantra 2022. By launching this competition, Hyundai affirms its keenness to back up, and partake in various economic and interactive activities, with the aim of increasing the commercial mobility through inciting the overall process of purchasing. It is also worth mentioning that this competition will be run under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity. As per the competition’s terms and conditions, they stipulate that in order to get enrolled, all participants must carry out any purchases equivalent to EGP 500, from one of MOA’s stores. However, these purchases should be done via ValU, and should occur during the period between the 1st to the 30th of November 2021. Additionally, all participants should make sure to stamp the proof of purchase, at ValU’s headquarter at MOA, so as to acquire two vouchers. The first voucher will be dropped in the raffle box, while the second one will be kept until the 30th of November, on which the winner’s name will be finally drawn. In this context, Kawthar Aboul Fotouh, Hyundai Brand Manager at GB Ghabbour Auto, stated: “In 2021, our strategy honed in on increasing the interactive activities with our customers and partners in success, alike. In fact, we certainly believe that multiparty partnerships expedite the achievement of our desired goals. Thus, by joining hands with ValU and MOA, we would be able to offer all Hyundai’s lovers and fans a golden opportunity to win Elantra’s new model.” Aboul Fotouh also added: “These interactive activities also help maintain the regularity of the production process, encourage small and medium industries, create job opportunities, and hence move the wheel of our local economy. Needless to say, this competition will add to the extensive trust that our customers place in our impeccable services.” Verily, GB Ghabbour Auto Group has always sought to sustain the success that Hyundai has been achieving in the Egyptian market over the past 14 years. Meaning, the group relentlessly ensures the availability of Hyundai’s distinctive models, which are famous for comprising safety and security means, along with the latest technologies. As a result of this incessant endeavor, Hyundai has become favored by many Egyptians and its sales have become on the rise. In addition, GB Ghabbour Auto generally provides maintenance and spare parts, through a robust network of high-quality sales and after-sales service centers, which are spread across Egypt’s governorates, in the hope of attaining the highest levels of customers’ satisfaction.

Road trip this summer? Hyundai’s got you covered!

With Summer just around the corner, nothing sounds better than going on a little getaway to relax and get your mind off of all the city stress.  And as we all know, nothing could get more in the way of a good time than your car breaking down on the way. Which is why we’ve gathered 7 tips that will help you avoid the hassle of car troubles on the road.

1-Check your tires

To ensure the maximum levels of comfort, fuel efficiency and of course safety, checking your tires is a crucial step before traveling. Make sure the tire pressure is not too high nor too low (check your car model’s recommended tire pressure), the overall condition of your tire is satisfactory, and that they’re free of any irregularities. You’ll want to do this with all four tires plus the spare one.


2-Check your Motor oil

The motor oil is arguably one of the most crucial fluids in your car. It’s what ensures that the engine components are sufficiently lubricated so that friction is reduced and the engine is protected. To check your engine oil, all you’ll need is the dipstick which is located inside the engine bay and is usually found in a yellow or orange color. First, take it out and clean it with a rag. After that, reinsert it and pull it back out and ensure that the indicator is closer to the maximum level. If it is closer to the minimum level, refill it. The oil color is also an indicator that you need to change your engine oil. Look for a yellow or honey color, dark brown or black means you should change the oil.









3-Check the other fluids

Depending on your car model, you may need to fill up the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, radiator fluid, and brake fluid. Check your car’s manual to know more.





4-Check the Brakes

A couple of weeks before your trip, pay extra attention to the brakes and how effective they are. If you hear any grinding, squealing, growling when you hit the brakes, it’s probably an indication that your brake pads need to be checked. Another telling factor is if you feel any vibration in the steering wheel or brake pedal.



5-Check the Air conditioner

With Egypt’s scorching weather, the last thing you’ll want on a road trip is an AC that’s not working properly. Check the air conditioner’s quality at least a week before your trip, if the air is warm or not cold enough, it’ll give you enough time to go get it checked out by a professional.


6-Prepare your car emergency kit

For emergencies, you’ll want to pack a kit that carries anything you could possibly need. These items include a flashlight and batteries, car battery battery booster cables, a tool kit, and first aid supplies.






7-Check wipers & wiper fluid

Make sure your windshield is clean the entire trip by replacing your wipers if they leave any unwanted streaks, and filling the wiper fluid reservoir to the top.






8-Check your lights

It’s very important to make sure that all your car lights are working. Take a look at your parking lights, low & high beam lights, reverse lights and your indicator lights.







Don’t travel midday (to avoid excessive heat) and take regular breaks during your trip to give your car a chance to cool down.





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