Hyundai joins hands with “ValU” and “Mall of Arabia” to launch their latest competition

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity: Hyundai joins hands with “ValU” and “Mall of Arabia” to launch their latest competition

Cairo, Egypt – December 6, 2021: Hyundai, one of GB Ghabbour Auto Group’s prominent car brands, announced its recent partnership with ValU, an application through which you can pay online and in more than 3500 places, along with Mall of Arabia (MOA), to launch a competition that enables all participants to win a Hyundai Elantra 2022. By launching this competition, Hyundai affirms its keenness to back up, and partake in various economic and interactive activities, with the aim of increasing the commercial mobility through inciting the overall process of purchasing. It is also worth mentioning that this competition will be run under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity. As per the competition’s terms and conditions, they stipulate that in order to get enrolled, all participants must carry out any purchases equivalent to EGP 500, from one of MOA’s stores. However, these purchases should be done via ValU, and should occur during the period between the 1st to the 30th of November 2021. Additionally, all participants should make sure to stamp the proof of purchase, at ValU’s headquarter at MOA, so as to acquire two vouchers. The first voucher will be dropped in the raffle box, while the second one will be kept until the 30th of November, on which the winner’s name will be finally drawn. In this context, Kawthar Aboul Fotouh, Hyundai Brand Manager at GB Ghabbour Auto, stated: “In 2021, our strategy honed in on increasing the interactive activities with our customers and partners in success, alike. In fact, we certainly believe that multiparty partnerships expedite the achievement of our desired goals. Thus, by joining hands with ValU and MOA, we would be able to offer all Hyundai’s lovers and fans a golden opportunity to win Elantra’s new model.” Aboul Fotouh also added: “These interactive activities also help maintain the regularity of the production process, encourage small and medium industries, create job opportunities, and hence move the wheel of our local economy. Needless to say, this competition will add to the extensive trust that our customers place in our impeccable services.” Verily, GB Ghabbour Auto Group has always sought to sustain the success that Hyundai has been achieving in the Egyptian market over the past 14 years. Meaning, the group relentlessly ensures the availability of Hyundai’s distinctive models, which are famous for comprising safety and security means, along with the latest technologies. As a result of this incessant endeavor, Hyundai has become favored by many Egyptians and its sales have become on the rise. In addition, GB Ghabbour Auto generally provides maintenance and spare parts, through a robust network of high-quality sales and after-sales service centers, which are spread across Egypt’s governorates, in the hope of attaining the highest levels of customers’ satisfaction.


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