First, they came for our large sedans and wagons. And we were silent. Then, they came for our mid-size sedans and family cars. And we said nothing. Now, they’re even coming for our subcompacts.

Well executed, well put together, and hits all the marks for driving smoothness.

Wherever there’s a car, there’s an OEM (or several) making pretty much the same car, but higher, and shaped like an SUV.

And we are eating them up. While sedan sales shrivel, SUV sales surge.

The Mazda2 is dead, killed by the CX-3; the Hyundai Accent has its own new challenger – the 2018 Hyundai Kona.

Yes, those two start at wildly different price points: $13,999 for the Accent, $20,999 for the Kona, but Canada has seen a jump in transaction prices. The CX-3 and Mazda2 were similarly disparate in pricing. Hyundai fully expects some Kona customers to be ex-Accent owners.

Hyundai also expects Kona customers to be a more performance-oriented customer than the competition.

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