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  • Two influences. One car

    Here’s a new idea combine the style of a coupe with the functionality of a hatchback. The result? Veloster. A crossover utility vehicle with a unique, innovative presence, it’s where dynamics meets practicality.

  • Connected

    Staying connected matters. The latest technological devices are no longer at the peripheries of our lives, they’re at the center. Which means there’s no reason you should be without your music and phone calls while on the road.

  • Engineered

    Engineering matters, too. You want performance and you want efficiency. You want each and every element of a car working in perfect harmony - for all the places you have to go and all the things you want to do.

  • Exterior First impressions? Sleek. tough. Sporty. With a wide, low stance, the Veloster flaunts dynamic character lines that flow throughout the car in every direction.
  • hw020132_20120628.jpg Interior The powerful and robust exterior design continues inside. Every element reinforces a tough sort of cool, from the purposeful center fascia to the metal-painted details around the center console, door handles, air ventilation and gear stick.
  • Performance The Veloster impresses with more than its engine. Its aerodynamics have been studied to cut down on drag, while ride and handling have been optimized through advanced technology and engineering. Fuel consumption and emissions are frugal, while collision, NVH and braking performance are first class.
  • Safety The Veloster’s active safety measures aim to keep you in control at all times. Technologies are deployed when moving, when stationary, when parked on a slope and when travelling over poor road surfaces.
  • Convenience Switches and controls to access the Veloster's convenient multimedia functions are within easy reach on the center console. A large, 7" LCD displays all the info you need. And with a USB connection, plugging in external devices is easy.


The heart of it all,
where sporty meets action

The driver’s seat is a dynamic space decked out with
high-tech and stylish components.

Sporty and dynamic, for the promise of the road Swooping and curving to suggest a powerful sense of motion and freedom, the interior of the Veloster takes its inspiration from a different kind of machine, one steeped in the thrill of the open road: the motorbike. Sporty and assertive, the robust design is completed by high-tech, stylishly designed elements touched here and there with high-gloss black.

  • Seat belt extension guide
    A seat belt extension guide for the driver seat puts the belt in the optimum position for comfort and convenience.

  • Storage system (seat pocket)
    Pocket on the back of the passenger seat provides passengers with an ideal place to keep things such as magazines and maps.

  • Overhead console
    In the ceiling between the two front seats, a overhead console is positioned where it’s most convenient.

  • Driver’s power seat
    A push of a button is all you need to get your seat fitting just right. Adjust forward and back and the cushion height as well. Power lumbar support gives your back excellent support.

  • Storage system (floor console)
    A cup holder located on the center console provides occupants with a convenient place to keep their drinks.

  • Front seat warmer
    Seat warmer in the driver and passenger seats provide warmth and comfort during cold driving conditions.


Bold from the off,
the Veloster is confident at every turn

It’s low to the ground, with wide-apart wheels, a hexagonal grille
and a headlamp design that oozes contemporary style.

LED projection headlamps that dazzle and dim The headlamps feature LEDs, projecting a bright, accurate beam onto the road ahead. high beam assist automatically dips your headlamps when another vehicle is approaching, so as not to dazzle oncoming drivers.

Winging it with rear combination lamps Curved to follow the bodywork where the rear meets the sides of the car, wing-style rear combination lamps combine style with technology.

The flair of the front
and side stretches to the back

Trademark touches of the stylish rear include unique rear
lamps and a centered twin tip exhaust tipped in chrome.

Outside mirror repeaters that let you see more Stylishly-shaped side mirrors feature LED outside mirror repeaters, for maximum high-tech character and increased visibility when turning.

Sporty dual center exhaust Twin-barreled and tipped in chrome. This is sportiness at its most captivating. The twin tip center exhaust, stylishly shaped and built into the rear bumper, gives the Veloster an abundance of sporting character.

A car made with usability in mind
Talk about functional

One door on the driver's side, two on the passenger's side.
Getting in and out never made so much sense.

Panorama sunroof that lets in nature A panorama sunroof perfectly suits the energetic, active lifestyle of Veloster drivers, letting in plenty of light and fresh air.


A punchy coupe that
pulls off a sporty profile

A short front overhang connects with a front-to-back sloping roof.

Alloy wheels for style oomph To provide an extra edge of sportiness, 18” alloy wheels come in a choice of 6 color finishes. Silica tires enhance driving performance and fuel economy.

Veloster Design Check out the incredible Veloster's 1+2 Door design. It is a jaw dropper and I think you will agree with us.
Enjoy it!

  • Fog lamps
    Set low on the bumper, sporty fog lamps make driving easier in foggy conditions, and have a stylish, modern design.

  • Radiator grille
    The distinctive Hyundai hexagonal-shaped radiator grille presents a confident, bold, dynamic face to the world.

  • Hidden door handle
    Hidden door handles ensure the smooth, sleek bodywork is not interrupted.

  • Rear spoiler and wiper
    A rear spoiler improves fuel efficiency and driving stability, while a flat blade rear wiper blends harmoniously.

  • Hood character lines
    The hood is profiled into two planes and features symmetric cutouts, adding to the sportiness.


1.6 MPi gasoline engine

1.6 GDi gasoline engine

The Veloster’s engine delivers reduced fuel consumption and frugal emissions, essential properties in our environmentally-conscious world. The engine built from solid aluminum blocks and feature ladder frame construction, for less weight with more strength.
A comprehensive range of noise-reduction techniques counteract the effects of resonation, vibration and harshness, to offer a comfortable, quiet drive. Helping the drive still further is Motor driven power steer (MDPS), providing better steering performance and fuel efficiency, and cutting down on driver fatigue. And because it’s just as important to have smooth efficiency at low speeds as well as high, a highly durable, maintenance-free timing chain minimizes noise during idling and acceleration.
  • 1.6 MPi gasoline engine
  • 1.6 GDi gasoline engine
Engine performance might differ by regions.

6-speed automatic transmission that does the work The 6-speed automatic transmission features fully variable line pressure control and oil pressure deviation adjustment.

Double clutch transmission (DCT) Coupled with a standard 6-speed manual or Double clutch transmission (DCT), Hyundai's Gamma 1.6 GDi engine delivers extreme fuel efficiency with a whole new sensation of sporty driving experience. The all-new Double clutch transmission (DCT), available as an option, is like a manual transmission that shifts automatically. You can feel and even hear the gear shifting with a great feedback and sound, but certainly there is no shifting hassle.
6-speed Double clutch transmission (DCT) provides improved driving quality, better fuel efficiency, reduced noise and prolonged durability. With electronically controlled two separate manual gearboxes and clutches without a conventional clutch pedal, you will feel that shifting gears is more quick and smooth without having any lose of torque transmission. Europe, Australia only
Smoother control with 6-speed manual transmission The 6-speed manual transmission is built with a key and ball type synchromesh and optimized gear tooth forms.

Aerodynamics for a lighter and better ride With its low, coupe profile enhancing the aerodynamics, the reduced drag lowers fuel consumption.


Safe slow-downs with Electronic stability
control (ESC)

Electronic stability control (ESC) determines the brake pressure and engine
output, to bring the car safely under control and slow you down safely.

Vehicle stability management (VSM)
A Vehicle stability management (VSM) shortens braking distance and improves handling by assisting steering system on the asymmetric (wet/dry) surface, which causes traction of the four tires uneven.

No backward slipping with Hill-start assist control (HAC) By maintaining brake pressure, Hill-start assist control (HAC) prevents the Veloster slipping backwards when staring off uphill or downhill.
Europe, Australia only.

Sudden but safe stops with the Brake force assist system (BAS) A Brake force assist system (BAS) shortens the stopping distance in emergency braking situations, by increasing braking power.

Tough-as-steel B Pillar
impact management

For protection in a collision, the dash cross and side members, roof structure
and pillars are made from reinforced sheet steel.

A curtain wall airbag system
that surrounds in a collision

Front, side and curtain airbags deploy immediately in the event of a collision,
reducing the possibility of injuries.

Active headrests that proactively protect If a car goes into the back of you, active headrests in the front seats move up and forward to help protect your head and neck.

  • Rear parking assist system (RPAS) Sensors in the rear bumper detect obstacles when reversing, a buzzer sounding when the car gets too close to an object or curb.

  • Power window controls
    Includes convenient single touch auto-up function and a power window lock-out switch.


A supervision cluster
that keeps you
in check

Dual-cylindered like the twin pipes
of a motorbike exhaust, the
speedy, outdoor references follow
through to the cluster.

Great views on a 7"
touch screen display

The switches and controls to access the Veloster’s convenient multimedia
functions are placed within easy reach on the center console. A large, 7"
LCD displays all information, while users can easily plug in external devices
thanks to USB connection.

Navigation that speaks your language The navigation system supports 10 languages, the information being displayed clearly on the high-resolution LCD screen. Europe only

Rear-view display system A camera in the boot handle displays the view to the rear on a 7" LCD screen, to help with parking.

A premium sound system
for hitting the road

The Autonet premium audio system features a central speaker, external amplifier and subwoofer.

Play DJ with steering wheel
remote control

Remote control switches on the steering wheel let you effort-
lessly control the multimedia functions, as well as auto cruise

  • Auto cruise control switch The driver can activate auto cruise control from a
    switch on the right-hand spoke.
  • Audio controls switch The driver can control the audio system from a switch
    on the left-hand spoke.
  • Hands-free control switch A switch on the lower spoke controls the Bluetooth
    hands free system.

Set and chill with full auto air conditioning system Just set the desired temperature and let the
system take care of the rest ensuring a customized
interior climate that is fully comfortable.

Manual air conditioner

  • Connectivity (Bluetooth)
    Integrated Bluetooth allows music to be streamed and phone calls to be made and received hands-free using any Bluetooth-compatible external device.

  • Connectivity (AUX / USB / RCA cable)
    Users can connect an external device such as an iPod, using the cable that came with the device and with simple USB connection iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  • Engine start/stop button
    The engine start/stop button is designed to look like a cat’s eye, especially at night.

  • Welcoming event
    Output the display and sound upon starting the car to show up the application of AV specs.

  • Heated steering wheel
    A heated steering wheel eliminates the chill that drivers experience when first grabbing the steering wheel in the middle of winter.

  • Front air ventilation seat
    Air can circulate naturally in the front seat, making the driver feel comfortable.

  • Auto defogging system
    Sensors mounted on the windshield detect and automatically remove moisture build-up to ensure safe visibility.

  • Paddle shifters
    Paddle shifters located just behind the steering wheel let you change gear without taking your hands off the wheel. Through electronic transmission, you shift up and down with fingertip control.
Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.
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