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  • Greater fuel economy

    From various gasoline engines to diesel engines suiting your lifestyle.

  • Safety is non-negotiable

    The 7-airbag system covers the every corner of the cabin while numbers of electronically-controlled safety features.

  • Features you can’t say no to

    In i30 Coupe, lots of high-technical features and functions such as rear-view camera are available. Take the full advantage of them.

  • ExteriorEnjoy the variety of new looks of i30 Coupe, including more aggressive front grille, front fog lamps, and LED Daytime running lights (DRL).
  • InteriorPut yourself into the cockpit of the i30 Coupe to find the finely crafted instrument panel and numbers of innovative technologies beneath it.
  • Performancei30 Coupe engines respond to your driving intention faster than ever through high-tech transmission system.
  • Safetyi30 Coupe provides the maximum safety with Electronic stability control (ESC), Adaptive front lighting system (AFLS) and 7-airbag system to name a few.
  • Conveniencei30 Coupe Flex Steer™ system allows you to choose between three different handling modes: normal, sport and comfort; making your driving experience even more intuitive and exciting than ever.
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Aggressive, yet naturally inspired

Inspired by the flow of nature, the new design concept of i30 Coupe
is a true representation of your style on the road.

The optional HID headlamps cast a brighter and longer light beam without causing glare that can distract the opposite drivers.

LED Daytime running lights (DRL)
The beautifully curved LED Daytime running lights (DRL) are the absolute presence of you in both day and night time.

European style completed
with dynamic lines

This active side view with a dynamic body line boasts high energy
while projecting a voluminous stance.

Panorama sunroof (optional)
At a flick of a switch, the optional twin-panel panorama sunroof instantly retracts to bring extra sunlight into the cabin while creating a brilliant open-air driving experience. Don't have to worry about your hair style. The automatic deflector will always keep you in style.

Proud to be stared at from
following vehicles

The i30 Coupe rear part houses rear combination lamps and LED High-mounted stop lamp (HMSL) that are
newly designed to ensure stylish look.

Rear-view display system
The i30 Coupe offers the option of a rear view camera. As soon as you
select reverse gear, a wide angle color picture appears on the
navigation screen, or in the rear view mirror if navigation isn’t fitted.

Rear combination lamps
Designed to wrap around the curved i30 Coupe body, the brake lamps automatically flash when you brake hard giving vehicles following you an extra warning. Rear combination lamps are refined to provide better signals in a more elegant way.

  • Rear spoiler
    Standard on all i30 Coupe models, the spoiler adds aerodynamic efficiency and design flair, including LED High-mounted stop lamp (HMSL) for enhanced safety.

  • Outside mirror repeaters and puddle lamps
    While outside mirror repeaters are sleek, elegant and give you more visibility, puddle lamps light up when you approach the car, for a classy touch.

  • 15", 16" and 17" alloy wheels
    Various wheel options are available from 15" to 17" which increase sporting character while their light weight improve the fuel economy.

Welcoming environment
where you are in full control

Every aspect of interior brings the driver in closer harmony with the i30 Coupe.

Variety in materials
Compact on the outside, generous on the inside.

Luggage space
i30 Coupe boasts quite generous luggage space -
378 ℓ of when the rear seats is in place and up to
1,316 ℓ when you put down the rear seats.

  • Front seat warmer
    The heated seats keep you warm in two steps.

  • Storage system (floor console)
    The center armrest features a hidden storage compartment for small items. For extra driver comfort, a sliding armrest is available as an option.

  • Power window controls
    Ergonomically positioned for the driver, the panel outlined in fine chrome also includes adjustment controls for the outside mirrors.

  • Storage system (seat pockets)
    Convenient pockets behind the front seats make it easy to store maps, papers and more.

  • Sound system
    All audio systems include at least four speakers as standard - two front speakers positioned for ideal range and two in the rear doors.

  • Storage system (glove box)
    The glove compartment includes a specially designed vent to keep your drinks cool.

  • Room lamps
    A multi–point lighting system includes driver and passenger map lights, plus a roof–mounted overhead console.


1.6 MPi gasoline

1.6 GDi gasoline

1.4 MPi gasoline

1.6 CRDi diesel
engine with VGT

1.4 CRDi diesel

No other car in its class will move you like the i30 Coupe. An all–new range of advanced engines let you select the ideal level of performance, including a 1.6ℓ Gasoline Direct Injection (GDi) engine with 130 ps and lower CO2 emissions. All i30 Coupe engines are matched to a 6–speed transmission as standard.
  • Gamma 1.6 MPi
  • Gamma 1.6 GDi
  • Gamma 1.4 MPi
  • U2 1.6 CRDi
  • U2 1.4 CRDi
Engine performance might differ by regions.
6-speed automatic transmission The newly designed transmission provides greater acceleration and fuel economy while emitting less CO2. A chrome surround is standard with the option of a leather gearshift cover matched to a leather-wrapped steering wheel.
6-speed manual transmission Available with all i30 Coupe engines, the 6-speed manual transmission delivers incredibly precise gear changes and a smooth and confident feeling as well.

  • Front McPherson strut type suspension
    The i30 Coupe uses McPherson strut for the front wheels. The same type of suspension system is used in many high performance vehicles around the world.

  • Rear multi-link suspension
    The coil springs in multi-link suspension ensures comfort ride and accurate handling.


Electronic stability control (ESC)

Winding turns and long bends are where the i30 Coupe shines. A highly refined chassis minimizes body roll while providing exceptional response and feedback, allowing you to react to the road with confidence. Take a turn, and the standard Electronic stability control (ESC) with Vehicle stability management (VSM) helps you maintain a perfect line. Enjoy the curb and feel the driving confidence of i30 Coupe.

Vehicle stability management (VSM)
The integrated safety system on board provides maximum protection even when you are in harsh road condition.

Adaptive front lighting system (AFLS)
The i30 Coupe offers an innovative Adaptive front lighting system (AFLS) that increases safety on every type of curb and turn. The system actually bends the light as you turn the wheel, improving visibility and driver response time. AFLS is available as an option with our xenon headlamps.

7-airbag system
We believe your safety is never a matter of negotiation. The 7–airbag system will surround every occupant in an event of a collision. A combination of front, side, and curtain airbags protects the front and rear passengers, while an optional knee airbag provides added safety for the driver.

Knee airbag
An optional knee airbag below the steering column offers extra protection to the driver’s legs in the event of a major frontal collision.

  • Electric chromic mirror (ECM)
    It automatically adjusts to incoming light levels. It also displays images coming from the rear view camera (models without navigation system).


(Normal / Sport / Comfort)

Control every type of road
Different driving situations call for different feedback. This is why the i30 Coupe offers the option of  Flex Steer™ system power–assisted steering with three response levels. Normal mode provides a fine–tuned response to city and country roads. When parking, Comfort mode makes tight spaces easier to handle. Then switch into Sport mode for fast, direct input at high speed. Each is available via a button on the steering wheel.

Supervision cluster with color TFT LCD
Put yourself into the driver's seat to find the collection of the advanced features for greater comfort and safety. From the TFT LCD supervision cluster to touch screen navigation. You have the full control of i30 Coupe and road environment.

Electric parking brake (EPB)
The next generation Electric parking brake (EPB) secures the vehicle's position when it is parked.

Steering wheel remote control
Enjoy every minute behind the wheel
Multifunction steering wheel. Finished in soft, supple leather, our optional multifunction steering wheel adds a sporty touch while placing all controls at your fingertips. For improved response, motor driven power steering is included, with the option of Flex Steer™ system for driver controlled road feedback.
The wheel can be set to the perfect driving position via manual tilt and telescopic adjustment.

  • Left side controls
    Audio Control

    For the steering wheel audio control, use your left hand to control the audio system from the steering wheel.
  • Right side controls
    Auto cruise control

    Auto cruise control gives your right leg a freedom providing you better driving comfort.
  • Trip computer controls
    You may use data from the trip computer to analyze your travel distance and average fuel economy to name a few.
  • Bluetooth hands-free
    Bluetooth hands-free helps concentrate on the road when you have to talk and drive.

  • Auto defogging system
    Auto defogging system will make sure there is no fog inside of the windshield providing you with clear view on the road.

  • Navigation system with touch screen
    Features a large 7" color screen and touch control including voice recognition, Bluetooth™ and a rear view camera with 7" display.

  • Alloy pedal
    The ergonomically positioned alloy pedals give you sporty sensation.

  • Engine start/stop button
    Start the engine by pressing a button instead of turning a conventional key. Available only with the smart key option. With the smart key in your pocket, the i30 Coupe recognizes "its" driver and unlocks the doors to welcome you.

  • Air conditioning system
    Enjoy all–season comfort with dual–
    zone air conditioning, automatic window defogging, and an ionizer that filters dust and pollutants from the incoming air.

  • Connectivity (USB and AUX)
    The i30 Coupe features dual USB/iPod port, auxiliary port to connect or charge mobile devices.
    iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  • Rain sensor
    The system monitors the amount and intensity of rain and automatically adjusts the windshield wipers operation frequency.

  • Electric folding outside mirrors
    Outside mirrors are automatically folded for better convenience.
Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.
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